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sábado, 8 de junio de 2013

Vava’u Football Association - Tonga

                                                              Vava’u FA President Soane Patita Tangitau.

Just Play is Oceania Football Confederation’s (OFC) social responsibility program in partnership with the Australian Government and the European football body, UEFA.

Tonga’s third phase kicked off with two sets of two days coach educators workshops running concurrently in Tongatapu and Vava’u to be followed with a second set of similar course later this week. The workshops are being facilitated by Tonga’s Just Play project manager, Lui Muavesi and OFC’s football development officer, Didier Chambaron in Tongatapu, while TFA’s technical director, Kilifi Uele teams up with media, communications & marketing officer, Tia Soakai in Vava’u.

With Tonga in its expansion stage, OFC Instructor, Didier Chambaron said, “Tonga shows a good way to improve the program and they are doing a great job, especially the technical director and project manager. They involve now a lot of people, and we see the under 12 players have the possibility to play a lot of time during the year, after school, and that’s our first objective. They are doing a great job and it’s a good image for all the other countries in the Pacific” Chambaron said.

The program aims to equip primary school teachers and community coaches with technical skills and the ability to maintain Just Play program in promoting active and healthy lifestyles for children at a very young age.

“The objective of this workshop or program we are conducting in Vava’u is to expand this grassroots development program for children between the ages of 6-12 years and the main idea is for kids to have fun and promote healthy lifestyle” Kilifi Uele said.

Vava’u Football Associations President, Soane Patita Tangitau, officially opened the workshop in Vava’u.

“at this instance we are beginning again from the roots, previously with our teams we started from the tree top but now we are going back to take it at the grassroots level and as the reverend said in his prayer, I believe and I hope in the near future we will have the first soccer millionaire in Tonga from Vava’u” Tangitau said.

The first workshop is being attended by 15 participants from primary schools and communities in Vava’u while Tongatapu workshop have similar numbers.

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