Entrevista de Rarafónica a Gonzalo Parada (Presidente del CSANF)

Tamil Eelam Football Team -Viva World Cup 2012

domingo, 30 de junio de 2013

Asociaciones provinciales de Laos - Laos provincial associations

1 Attapu Provincial Football Association
2 Bokeo Provincial Football Association
3 Bolikhamxal Provincial Football Association
4 Champasak Provincial Football Association
5 Houaphan Provincial Football Association
6 Khammouan Provincial Football Association
7 Luang-Namtha Provincial Football Association
8 Louangphabang Provincial Football Association
9 Oudomxai Provincial Football Association
10 Phongsali Provincial Football Association
11 Xaignabouli Provincial Football Association
12 Salavan Provincial Football Association
13 Savannakhet Provincial Football Association
14 Xékong Provincial Football Association
15 Vientiane Prefecture Football Association
16 Vientiane Provincial Football Association
17 Xiangkhouang Provincial Football Association

"The Prime Minister’s Cup, with Beerlao as its main sponsor, aims to find the best provincial football team in Laos and also allow provincial football associations to establish good relationships with one another."



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