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Tamil Eelam Football Team -Viva World Cup 2012

domingo, 19 de febrero de 2012

Comunicado de prensa número 35 del N.F.- Board

The N.F.-Board Competitions Committee & the Local Organization Committee " KURDISTAN 5th VIVA WORLD CUP 2012 " have the pleasure to announce you the list of the Football Associations yet officially pre-registered to participate in the VIVA World Cup 2012™. The definitive list of the12 participating FA (11 + Kurdistan FA as organizer), as well as the date of the drawing will be announced during the next General Meeting of the N.F.-Board, on Saturday February 18th 2012 (Araba Fenice Hotel, via Fenice 4, 25049 Iseo, Italia).

1/ Pre-registered FA : Cilento, Provence, Tibet, Raetia, Darfour, Occitania, Northern Cyprus, Gozo, Chagos, K. 2 Sicilia, Western Sahara, Monaco, and a team from Quebec.

2/ FA having request a special delay to be pre-registered : Samiland, Catalonia, Kosovo, Padania.

3/ Other requests : Assyro-Chaldeans.

For all informations, contact :


Monaco, Wednesday February 8th of 2012.

Jean-Luc KIT, Head of Communication NFB : medias@nf-board.com

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