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Tamil Eelam Football Team -Viva World Cup 2012

viernes, 29 de julio de 2011

Scania es miembro provisional número 34 del N.F.- Board

Scanian Football Federation (SFF) became a member of the N.F.-Board
April 2011. The N.F.-Board is an umbrella association for nations and
ethnic minorities unaffiliated with FIFA. VIVA World Cup is an
international football tournament organized by the N.F.-Board. The
goal is to put together a men's national team that will participate in
the VIVA World Cup. If possible the goal is also to put together a
women's national team that will participate in the Women's VIVA World
Cup. Another goal is that Skåneland one day shall host the VIVA World
Cup. Skåneland wants to play a friendly matches against other nations
and minorities. It was Keyo Ghettson that founded the organization.
Skånelands Fotbollsförbund is a nonpolitical organization.



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