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Tamil Eelam Football Team -Viva World Cup 2012

sábado, 19 de febrero de 2011


N.F.-Board’s PRESS RELEASE N° 33:
The Annual General Common Meeting 2010 of the N.F.-Board which was held
on Saturday, January 22nd, 2011 in Barcelona (Spain) confirmed main
following decisions:

1/ Christian MICHELIS's re-election in the functions of President for a new mandate of 2 years. The list of the appointed Members of the Executive Committee stills globally in the lineage of the previous one.

2/ Definitive Membership of the FA Sardinia as ACTIVE Member of the NFB, having the right to vote.
3/ Presentation of the logo of the official mascot of the VIVA World Cup 2012™ in the Iraqi Kurdistan

The internet official website of this competition will soon be announced. 2 Groups of 5 teams will play the 1st Round,one in Duhok, the other one on Sulaimaniya. The 2nd Round will take place, in Erbil, the capital city of Iraqi Kurdistan.

The competition will be played on a duration of 10 days (May 25th / June 05th, 2012) and the matches every evening at 7:00 pm and 9:00 pm. The participating Teams will be totally under the hospitality (5 stars hotels, Meals and local transports) by the Local Organizing Committee with the generous participation of the Government of Iraqi Kurdistan.

Initiatives can now begin to reduce considerably the costs of plane tickets for the participants, and besides airline companies, sponsors are going to be sought to help FA the most geographically remote.

4/ A journey of recognition of the 3 sites of the competition and of the Hotel/ Restaurants will be scheduled in next end of May, 2011 for 6 Members of the Executive Committee of the NFB + for 12 interested FA (9 will be retained in the competition in 2012) to play the VIVA World Cup 2012™. FA will entirely be taken in charge since Istanbul (Turkey) for a trip in the Iraqi Kurdistan during 3 full days. The VIVA World Cup™ is opened to all the FA which cannot play in the FIFA World Cup™, without necessary involvement or Membership in the N.F.-Board.
The registrations for this travel (1 person by Football Association) have to be sent to:
before the deadline of March 30th, 2011. The interested Media for covering this travel must send they registration in the same deadline to : medias@nf-board.com

5/ The second edition of the WOMEN VIVA World Cup™ could be played this year of 2011 in summer, either in Liège (Belgium) or in Corsica.The FA able to send a women's team are asked to become known quickly (without any commitment at this step to : vivaworldcup@nf-board.com

Monaco, Wednesday February 9th of 2011,
Jean-Luc KIT, Head of Communication NFB

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