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Tamil Eelam Football Team -Viva World Cup 2012

sábado, 8 de enero de 2011

Federaciones Regionales de fútbol de Trinidad y Tobago

Eastern Football Association

131 Eastern Main Road,Arouca, Trinidad, WI

Founded: 1950

Affiliated: 1952

President: Lennox Watson

Tel: 642 2847

Fax: 642 1548

Mission: "To be the best Association through the development of football"



Socks: black

Clubs: 40


Eastern Counties Football Union

Economy Supermarket Econo Mall, Eastern Main Road Sangre Grande, Trinidad, WI

Affiliated: 27-02-1994

President: Sherwyn Dyer

Tel: 668 2563

Fax: 668 2563

Mission: "To achieve and maintain excellence in all aspects of football"

Colours: Jersey: green/white, shorts: green/white, Socks: green

Northern Football Association

3 Queen's Park West Port of Spain Trinidad, WI

Founded: 1953

Affiliated: 1954

President: Roland Forde

Tel: 627 6152

Fax: 627 6152

Mission: "To ensure continuous improvement in football by the total development of professionalism throughout its structure"

Clubs: 22, Players 550

Jersey: Red, Shorts: red, Sock: black

Central Football Association

LP 22, Leon Xavier Streets Chaguanas Trinidad, WI

Founded: 1950

Affiliated: 1952

President:Bryan Layne

Tel: 665 9777

Fax: 665 9777

email: manjoefletcher@hotmail.com

Mission: "To provide a stadard of football and football administration second to none"

Jersey: blue/gold, Shorts: gold, Sock: blue

Clubs: 9, Players 117

Tobago Football Association

Fairfield Complex Bacolet Stree tScarborough Tobago, WI

President: Anthony Moore

Tel: 639 3953

Fax: 639 3953

email: tobagofa@hotmail.com

Mission: "To nurture and promote football in Tobago at every level in order to develop human and technical skills of all participants"

Jersey: black/white, Shorts: Black, Sock: black, Clubs: 24, Players 483

Skinner Park
San Fernando
Trinidad, WI

Southern Football Association

Skinner Park San Fernando Trinidad, WI

Founded 1910
Affiliated 1911
President: Rudolph Thomas

Tel: 652 1172
Fax: 652 1172

Mission:"To achieve and maintain excellence in the organization and development of all aspects of football"

Clubs: 30, Players 500

Jersey: yellow/black, Shorts: black, Sock: yellow

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