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sábado, 24 de abril de 2010

Laguna Niguel Football Association (LNFA)


The Laguna Niguel FA was founded in 1996 by Rolando de Tapia. Roland (as he is known within the community), was managing Inter Niguel F.C. which played in the Barrigones League of Lake Forest. It was an over 30 men's league with similar age restrictions to ours. Roland was tired of the violent and mismanaged world of men's league football and founded the LNFA with four teams which would play their matches at Crown Valley Park. Audax Niguel F.C. was then started by Roland who named the team after his childhood club in his native Chile. He wished to build an international league founded on the principles of sportsmanship and solid administration where violence would not be allowed to blemish the world's greatest game.

The Laguna Niguel FA has seen many clubs come through the ranks over the years and we are glad to have settled on our 14 current clubs. A few of our clubs have been around since the beginning: Audax, Brits and the Eagles, while others have joined through the years of expansion. We now play our matches at Crown Valley Park (both the lower and upper fields) and the Laguna Niguel Skateboard/Soccer Park. Matches are played Sunday mornings and several of our clubs train during LNFA training sessions on Wednesday nights.

The league has not only grown in size, but in competitiveness as well. Many of our players have high level college and professional experience making our league one of the most entertaining around.

In 2002 Roland asked his son, Frederick de Tapia to begin to take over some of the responsibilities of running our fine association. In 2006 "Freddy" took over control of day to day operations and since then Rolando has moved into a support role helping to guide his son forward.


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