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domingo, 27 de diciembre de 2009

6ta Asamblea General del N.F.-Board


We have the pleasure to inform you about decisions adopted by the 6th General Assembly of the N.F.-Board which was held in the Hotel Mercury of Paris Montmartre Saturday, December 5th, 2009.
Besides the statutory points evoked in the beginning of session, it is called reminded that Jean-Luc Kit presented his resignation of General Secretary's post for reasons of ethics, to remain the most neutral possible in the affairs treated independently by the OMF (World Foot-Balls Observatory) concerning Non-FIFA NEWS Agency and the IFU.
The important moments of the Assembly concerned the intervention of Jörgen Pettersson, President of the IGA (Island Games Association). The NFB and the IGA got so that their competitions are alternated on the international Calendar: Island Games the odd years and VIVA World Cup ™ the even years. Cordial links became established between our 2 institutions.
The VIVA World Cup on 2010 ™ counts at present 17 intentions of FA to participate. WOMEN VIVA World Cup ™ should be inaugurated also during the competition of Gozo, with 4 feminine teams and a competition which would begin so in the middle of week.
Other moment importing with the official presentation of the application FA of the Kurdistan for the organization of the VIVA World Cup 2012 ™. A whole People want to receive the VIVA World Cup ™, in a secure Region and with infrastructures brand new, which already receive the other official international competitions. The Executive Committee of the NFB will meet at the end Mars 2010 to make officially its decision.
The appeal to application for the organization of the VIVA World Cup on 2014 ™ is officially launched.
A reflection is thrown by the Executive Committee for the elaboration of a Tournament of Young sous form who could be the one of a Festival. The category of age remains to determine in the next months.
Another project is advanced concerning the creation of several small Tournaments for FA in process of development which cannot for financial reasons play the VIVA World Cup ™, among which the one could take place in Liège (Belgium), the city of the headquarters of the NFB.
Finally, it was decided to create a Commission of Referees (non Permanent) who will be orchestrated by the international Referee of Italian Series A, Mario Mazzoleni (PAD).
The NFB is anxious to thank the participation of the FA of Corsica, Padania, Provence, Kurdistan, Western Sahara,Tibet, Casamance, Gozo, Wallonia and Lapland (Samis), the IRIS (Institute of the International and Strategic Relations), and of the Radio BBC " World Football ".

Veronika Szilvassy-Mincsik
Secretariat General N.F.-Board

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